We supply retailers, catalog houses, internet merchants, auto dealers and professional detailers all over the world. If you wish to carry the finest car care products available, with in-depth customer support, please call us at (877) 796-8300 or fill in the request form below. Our customer service representatives will help you select a program that suits your particular needs. The product lines that we represent are the finest available, and we are intimately familiar with each one.


  • Dealers must have lawful auto parts entity which is able to present the products and offer an access that customers can purchase from.
  • Dealers shall make the best effort to advertise, market, display and promote all Car care Specialties products.
  • All orders should be prepaid by either wire transfer or credit card. Once the order has been placed, it can not be cancelled.
  • Once you become a Car Care Specialties authorized dealer, discount rate will be applied for all of your future orders, and there is no limited purchasing amount as well.
  • Dealers shall provide customers with related technical assistance if needed, and help with warranty products.
  • The liability for all claims for loss, damage or shortage in connection with your shipment is determined by whether the buyer insures the shipment or not before the shipment is effected.


  • Car Care Specialties has right to terminate any dealer’s account who violates terms and conditions stipulated above.
  • Dealer will forfeit the right to have discounts on all Car Care Specialties products once any violation of stipulations is found.
  • Dealer’s account will be removed from Car Care Specialties customer system.