Blu-Velvet Ultra-Thick Microfiber Buffing/Polishing Cloth

16″x16″ buffing/polishing cloths – The ultra-plush, ultra thick, microfiber cloth with one side offering long velvet, “terry style” looped fibers for buffing and polishing and the other has shorter “terry style” looped fibers that are more aggressive.


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16″ x 16″ Buffing/Polishing Cloth
This 16″ x 16″, ultra-soft, super large, microfiber buffing/polishing cloth is the absolute softest and largest we have ever carried. One side offers long velvet, “terry style” looped fibers that are designed specifically for buffing and polishing. This side will polish paint, chrome, bare metal, plastic and almost any surface to a streak-free, mirror shine. The Blu-Velvet Cloth is soft enough and absorbent enough to remove quick detail products without streaking. The other side has shorter terry style looped fibers that are more aggressive and more effective to remove wax or glaze residue. All four sides are bound with microfiber silk edge binding to prevent scratching. Many people even use this super large towel to dry a car after washing. The uses are limited only by your imagination. Machine wash using the gentle cycle and warm water with detergent only, no fabric softener or bleach and machine dry on low without dryer sheets. Do not wash with any cotton fabric as the lint will be trapped by the microfibers.)”

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 5 in


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