Jescar All-In-One Polish & Wax – 128 oz Bottle



128 oz Bottle

Hard to say but this is a single-step detailing solution, it corrects, polishes, and waxes in one bottle. Combining the cutting action of Jescar’s compound to remove swirls and the depth finishing quality of their polish, then adding a durable long-lasting acrylic wax, perfect results can be achieved in only one application. Clean, polish and protect the paint all in one step with Jescar All-in-One polish and wax. Designed to work equally well with either a rotary or DA polisher using a light cutting and polishing or All In One pad. Safe for use on all clear-coat paint.  For heavier scratches start with Jescar Correcting Compound to eliminate defects then follow with Jescar All-In-One. Available in 8 ounce, 32 ounce and gallon sizes.

Directions for use:

  • Shake well before using. Do not work on hot surface or in direct sunlight.
  • Apply evenlyover the surface of a foam polishing pad, then spread over area to be polished before starting the machine.
  • Polish using medium pressure and speed over a 2 x 2 sq. ft area, moving up and down and side to side.
  • Wipe off residue using a clean microfiber buffing towel.


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