Jescar Auto Wash Foaming Shampoo – 128 oz Jug



128 oz Jug 

If you have decided you want suds then Auto Wash foaming auto shampoo is what you should use. The shampoo is phosphate-free, safely cleans painted surfaces, plastic, chrome, and rubber trim providing intense and effective cleaning performance that can be used with foam guns or by manual washing. Gently removes dirt and road contamination without affecting car wax or sealants and leaving a sparkling clean


  • For hand washing, dilute to 1:200 or 2/3 ounce per gallon of water.
  • Rinse care with water to remove loose dirt.
  • Work on a cool surface.
  • Hand wash using a soft sponge or Blu Velvet Chenille Wash Mitt to eliminate dirt


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