Menzerna Jescar Power Lock Polymer Sealant – 32 oz Bottle



32 oz Bottle

Power Lock offers the best longevity of any polymer sealant I have tested. The cross-linking polymers offer maximum longevity and a surprising depth of shine for a polymer sealant. Apply a thin even coat by hand with a Blu-Velvet Microfiber Applicator or by machine with a soft, foam pad. Allow it to haze and remove with a Blu-Velvet Microfiber Buffing & Polishing Cloth. If you apply a thin, even coat, Power Lock will be very easy to apply and remove. The cross-linked polymers form a very slick surface that will help repel grime, dust, and even brake dust. If you want to use a polymer sealant on your wheels, this is the best I have found.


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